Payment Options

  • Direct Pay: Call our office at 303-655-2009 and request a Direct Pay Form be sent to you. Once the form is returned with a voided check, the process begins. The first billing cycle your routing and account numbers are verified. The second billing cycle the automatic deduction begins. The deduction is taken out of your checking or savings account on the due date shown on your monthly statement.
  • Xpress Bill Pay: Visit Xpress Bill Pay, where you can set up your account. You can go in monthly to pay your bill, or have it set up where the payment comes out automatically every month.
    • Xpress Bill Pay iOS Mobile App: Now you can pay your bill with the iOS mobile app. Xpress Bill Pay recently announced a free mobile app that is now available for download from the App Store.
      This new app allows you to:
      -Pay with a credit card, checking account, etc.
      -Sign-up for paperless billing
      -Never miss a bill again with Auto Pay
      -Update your payment information
      -View your billing and payment history
      -Receive up-to-the-minute account alerts
      For more information visit, call 1-800-766-2350 or e-mail
      Xpress Bill Pay.
  • Credit Card Payments: Call our office to pay by Visa or MasterCard.
  • Mail: Payment can be remitted by mail in the return envelope provided with your monthly statement. Drop Box - When entering City Hall from S. 4th Ave, the drop box is located on your right in the center of the parking lot. Payments are processed on the next business day.