Victim Resources

Brighton and Commerce City 

17th Judicial District

17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office

         Phone: 303-659-7720

         100 Judicial Center Drive, Suite 100

         Brighton, CO 80601

17th Judicial Crime Victim Witness

         Phone: 303-659-7735

17th Judicial Crime Victim Compensation

         Phone: 303-835-5615

         Email (

17th Judicial District Probation Victim Services

         Phone: 303-451-4771

Adams County

Adams County Jail

         Phone: 303-289-4441

Adams County Department of Human Services

         Phone: 303-287-8831

Adams County Coroner’s Office

         Phone: 303-659-1027

Weld County

Weld County District Attorney

         Phone: 970-356-1040

Weld County Victim Witness

         Phone: 970-356-4010 (Dial 2)

Weld County Crime Victim Compensation

         Phone: 970-356-4010 (Ext. 4746)

Weld County Jail

         Phone: 970-356-4015


Address Confidentiality Program

         Phone: 303-869-4911

         Toll Free: 1-888-341-0002

         Email (

         Kim Messina

         Tonya Isenbart

         Rosaryo Gallegos

Arising Inc. (Domestic Violence Shelter)

         Phone: 303-280-3180

         Email (

Asian Pacific Development Center - (Services for Asian populations)

         Phone: 303-393-0304

Blue Bench (Formally RAAP – Rape Assistance and Awareness)

         Phone: 303-322-7273

         Phone: 303-329-0023 (TDD)

         Phone: 303-329-0031 (Spanish/Espanol)

Colorado Anti-Violence Program

         Phone: 1-888-557-4441 or 303-825-5094 (24 hour crisis line)

         Email (

Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA)

         Phone: 303-861-7033

         Phone: 1-877-372-2272

         Email (

Denver Center for Crime Victims

         Phone: 303-860-0660

         Immigration Services

DVI (Domestic Violence Initiative) – (Serving women, men and children with disabilities)

         Phone: 303-839-5510 (Voice/TDD)

Hunger Free Colorado

         Phone: 720-382-2920

ICE Victim Notification Program

         Phone: 1-866-872-4973

Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic (JAMLAC)

         Phone: 303-839-5198 (Ext. 6)

Mile High United Way

         Phone: 211

Mother Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

         Phone: 303-425-5905

Parents of Murdered Children Other Survivors of Homicide

         Phone: 303-772-6004

Project Safeguard

         Phone: 303-637-7761

Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center

         Phone: 303-295-2001

SAVA (Sexual Assault Victim Advocate) Center

         Hotline: 970-472-4200

         Hotline: 1-877-352-7273

Servicios De LaRaza

         DV/SA 24 hour crisis line: 303-983-5930

         Phone: 303-953-5940

         Phone: 303-458-5851

         Email (

VINE – (Victim Information Notification Everyday)

         Phone: 888-263-8463

W.I.N.G.S. Foundation – (Women Incested needing Group Support)

         Phone: 303-238-8660

         Phone: 1-800-373-8671

A Woman’s Place (Domestic Violence Shelter/Resource)

         24 hour crisis line: 970-356-4226

         24 hour crisis line: 970-614-7010

         Phone: 970-351-0476

         Email (

To fill out an online Victims Advocate Volunteer form click here, or download the document below and submit via email or in person.