The City Forestry operation is responsible for maintenance of the city's urban forest.
Trees in the parks, on the sidewalks, and in the medians are all cared for by the Brighton Parks and Recreation Forestry Division. With a large inventory of street and park trees the Forestry Division always has a busy day. Like any living and growing thing, trees require water, air, sunlight, and a little TLC.

Tree Trimming

All persons engaged in the business of performing tree care and landscaping (spraying) in Brighton must have a license. The Contractor's License and Tree Care addendum must both be completed and submitted to our One Stop Customer Service Center at City Hall:
500 S. Fourth Ave.
Brighton, CO 80601


Tree Recommendations

There are many different tree species that grow throughout the City of Brighton, it is critical that you choose the right tree and location to get the most from your tree. The approved list of trees from the forestry division gives more information.

Printable Tree Recommendation List