Water Conservation

The City of Brighton Utilities Department is dedicated to providing our customers with a safe, reliable, and sustainable water supply. Our number one priority is to ensure the public health and safety of our customers, including fire protection, safe drinking water, and sanitation. Water conservation, or using water efficiently, is important to help secure our water resources for the future and we encourage Brighton residents to use these resources efficiently.

Interested in seeing how we use water here in Colorado? Check out this EPA WaterSense document called Saving Water in Colorado (PDF).

Tips to Use Water Efficiently

About 71% of Earth’s surface is covered with water, yet less than 1% of this water is available for human use. Population growth and demand is increasing for our freshwater resources. The water cycle continuously returns water to Earth, but not always in the same location or in the same quantity or quality. In order to maintain a sustainable water supply for future generations, we can all take steps to conserve and make water-wise decisions in our daily lives. Check out our tips to how you can save water in your household!

View Household Water Conservation Tips (PDF)

Leaks can waste thousands of gallons of water every year, don't let leaks happen to you! Use this checklist from EPA WaterSense to hunt down and fix household leaks.
View Detect and Chase Down Leaks (PDF)

City of Brighton's Water Conservation Plan

View our Water Conservation Plan (PDF).