1. Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Find out how Brighton is keeping the South Platte River safe for you.

  2. Sanitary Collection System Maintenance

    Information about maintenance of the sanitary sewer system (sewer overflows, lift station, sewer repairs, sewer line jetting)

  3. Industrial Pretreatment Program

    Learn about the pretreatment of industrial waste.

  4. Grease Control Program

    Dispose of greases and oils in a safe way.

  5. Sand-Oil Separator Program

    Information for vehicle related businesses regarding the sand-oil separator inspection program

  6. Amalgam Separator Program

    Information for dental offices about amalgam/mercury removal requirements prior discharging into the sanitary sewer system

  7. Hair Trap Program

    Information for beauty salons about removal of hair prior discharging into the sanitary sewer system

  8. Sewer Back-up

    Sewer Back-up