Snow Removal

Before, During and After the Storm:

The primary Street Department snow deployment goals are to provide a safe primary pathway for traffic to travel through the City. We clear snow from the streets and icy spots are either sanded or plowed as needed.

The Street crews are deployed when the snow forecast is 1 to 3 inches. Plowing is done from the center of the street to the edge of street where vehicles normally park in order to open a traffic lane.

The Street Department covers over 300 lane miles of designated routes at least four times per day and night during any storm. We travel over 1,826 total miles in four trucks. The Mag Chloride distribution truck is also in service and distributes over 3,200 gallons of Mag Chloride on designated streets. We place over 18 loads of salt and sand, which equals over 270 tons of materials. In heavy storms, we run a five to six truck rotation 24 hours a day until conditions are adequate that we are able to send our crews home.
Snow Removal Policy 2015-2016
 Snow Removal Map

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