Planning/Engineering - Applications & Forms

The Planning and Engineering Divisions process a variety of development applications including applications related to annexation, zoning, subdivisions, and site development. Some applications are processed administratively (i.e., review and approval by applicable city staff) and most others require review and approval by an approving authority such as the Planning Commission and/or City Council.  Any questions that you may have about the development application process can be directed to Diane Phin at 303-655-2059, or by email.

Getting Started...

The Community Development Department assists citizens and the development community in understanding and applying the City of Brighton's development policies and regulations in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan and District Plan, the Land Use and Development Code, and the Public Works Standards and Specifications.  The divisions also serve as the primary staff support to the Planning Commission and provide information on development processes, land use, zoning, and design standards.
Planner on Duty

The Planner on Duty is your first point of contact for questions regarding a potential application or any other planning-related questions.  Please call (303) 655-2059 to speak to the Planner on Duty or send an email to:, subject- Planner on Duty.

Preliminary Application Conference (Pre-Application Conference)
Who should schedule a Pre-Application Conference?
Potential applicants that have already contacted the Planner on Duty, or another staff member regarding a project, and have been recommended by staff to schedule a Pre-Application Conference.

What is discussed at a Pre-Application Conference?  
Applicants submit process questions and technical questions for staff regarding a specific property or a specific use on a property.  Preparing questions in advance of the meeting helps staff to have answers ready at the Pre-Application Conference.

When are Pre-Application Conferences held?  When do I need to schedule?
Pre-Application Conferences are held on Wednesdays in one hour time slots from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  Meetings are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and you must submit online by Thursday at 5:00 p.m. the week prior to be considered for the following week's meetings.

Where are Pre-Application Conferences held?
Pre-Application Conferences are held at Brighton City Hall, located at 500 S. 4th Avenue, Brighton, CO  80601.  They are held in the Community Development Department located on the Second Floor.  When you arrive at City Hall, please check in at the front desk and let them know you are here for a Pre-Application Conference with Community Development.

Why do I need to schedule a Pre-Application Conference?
A Pre-Application Conference provides you the opportunity to find out information about a development site that you may not already know.  Staff will provide information about infrastructure requirements to develop a site, the potential responsibility to reimburse Brighton or other entities for previously-constructed infrastructure, fee structures, etc.  Brighton staff highly recommends taking the time to have a PAC meeting prior to submitting any land use application.

How do I schedule a Pre-Application Conference?  Create a log in here!
Follow the steps outlined in this guide to schedule a Pre-Application Conference.  Please have all property information ready including addresses, Parcel IDs, and any sketch plans in PDF form to upload.  View a PAC Submittal Checklist here!  


Land Use and Development - Application Process

Application for Land Use and Development is an online submittal process.  If you are ready to register and submit a land use application, click here to advance to our online application services.  For your convenience, please find checklists below for each land use application that will be accepted through this digital process.  Checklists by application type are offered for your quick reference to submittal requirements only; a checklist is not part of your submittal package at the time of online application.  For any land use application to be referred out for the following week’s Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting (initial review meeting), all submittals must be complete and submitted online by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

Development Application Checklists
   - Annexation
   - Conditional Use 
   - Downtown Plan
   - Final Development Plan
   - Final Subdivision Plat (Minor)
   - Final Subdivision Plat and Civil Plans
   - Preliminary Plat
   - PUD Major Amendment Plan
   - PUD Minor Amendment Plan
   - PUD Plan
   - South 4th Avenue Development Plan
   - Subdivision Plat Amendment
   - Use By Right
   - Zone Change
The additional applications located below for Residential Design Standard review and Sign Permits are not currently part of our online application process; staff will accept submittal of RDS and Sign Permits in our offices located at 500 South 4th Avenue from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Residential Design Standards (RDS) - Applications and Forms
  - RDS Application
        Data Sheet - Multifamily Residential
        Data Sheet - Single Family Residential
        Data Sheet - Single Family Compatibility 

Signs Permits - Applications and Forms
   - Permanent Signage Application
   - Temporary Signage Application
   - Comprehensive Sign Plan Application
   - Example Site Plan and Elevations
   - Multiple Sign Addendum