Brighton Urban Renewal Authority

  • 4:30 p.m.
  • First and third Wednesday of the month
  • City Hall
    500 S. 4th Ave.
    Brighton, CO 80601

  • Kevin Kildow, Chairman
  • Candace Werth, Vice-Chair
  • Janet Hepp-Struck - Treasurer
  • Richard Gonzales, Past-Chair
  • Dave Rose
  • Barbara Lambert
  • Elias Huerta
  • Mark Humbert - City Council Rep.
  • Wayne Scott
  • Spencer Shute - alternate
  • Don Rowe - alternate
  • Manuel Esquibel, City Manager / BURA Executive Director
  • Linda Gonzales, Assistant to the Executive Director
  • Gary Montoya, Events and Downtown Initiative Manager
  • Jac Cuney, Redevelopment and Development Projects Director
  • Liliana Rojas, Administrative Assistant
Current Openings
 For current vacancies please click on the Vacancies tab.
The purpose of the Urban Renewal Plan is to eliminate the existing conditions of blight, prevent blight, and implement the goals of the City of Brighton 2020 Comprehensive Plan as it relates to the area. The redevelopment, rehabilitation, and reinvestment in the Urban Renewal Area will be accomplished through the improvement of existing structures, attraction of new commercial and mixed-use development, new residential development, and the prevention of deterioration of properties within the area. The effort will involve the participation of the City of Brighton and the Urban Renewal Authority to stimulate the private sector to make the necessary investment.

The Brighton City Council approved a resolution establishing the Brighton Urban Renewal Authority formation on April 3, 2001. The Authority serves as the public entity to effect reinvestment and redevelopment in the Urban Renewal Area. The Authority works in partnership with property owners to improve existing structures, bring new commercial and mixed-use development to raw land within the blighted area, and prevent deterioration of properties within the area.

Learn more about the Brighton Urban Renewal Authority on the BURA website.

For more information on the Brighton Urban Renewal Authority, please contact Linda Gonzales at 303-655-2066.