Board of Appeals

Members of this board are qualified by experience related to the construction industry and are trained to rule or review upon matters pertaining to building construction.  The Board of Appeals meets at need to determine the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction, acts on appeals for the city’s construction codes (building, mechanical, plumbing and electrical codes) and for Property Maintenance Codes.  Brighton staff representatives are present to facilitate, including the Chief Building Official and a permit technician acting as the Board Secretary.

Meetings are held at Brighton City Hall, 500 South 4th Ave., in Brighton.

The Board of Appeals consists of six members - five regular members and one alternate member. 

  • Larry Carroll - Chairman
    Term expires - September 2015
  • Dave Anderson - Vice-Chairman
    Term expires - September 2015
  • Vacant Member
    Term expires - 
  • Kris Krengel
    Term expires - September 2014
  • Scott Eisenbarth
    Term expires - September 2014
  • Vacant - Alternate
    Term expires - 
  • Matt Rowland, Chief Building Official
  • Jennifer Holmes, Board Secretary (Permit Technician)

Current Openings
For current vacancies please click on the Vacancies tab. 
For more information on the Board of Appeals, please contact Jennifer Holmes at 303-655-2016.